UTET Syllabus 2021


UTET Syllabus 2021 : Uttarakhand Government has released the online application form of Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test (UTET) for Primary Level and Middle Level School, Candidates who want to apply can apply as per the eligibility.

In such a situation, a lot of problems arise for the candidates regarding the syllabus of this exam, so today we will make you fully aware about the UTET Syllabus 2021 and UTET Exam Pattern, so that you do not have any problem regarding the syllabus in the examination. And you can strengthen your preparation.

UTET Syllabus 2021

Uttarakhand TET Syllabus – Overview

  • Name Of The Organization : Uttrakhand Board of Secondary Education (UBSE)
  • Article Name : UTET Syllabus 2021
  • Official Website : https://ukutet.com

UTET – Selection Process

To get selected in this, candidates have to go through two stages –

  • Written exam
  • Document verification

After qualifying these stages, your selection will be ensured by the commission.

UTET Exam Pattern

Following is the exam pattern of Uttarakhand TET –

  • The type of questions will be multiple choice.
  • The question paper will be in both Hindi and English languages.
  • In this exam a total of 150 questions will be compiled for 150 marks.
  • Each question will be of 1 (one) mark.
  • In this exam, you will be given a total time of 2 hours 30 minutes i.e. 150 minutes.

Let us now understand about the compilation of questions through the table –

Elementary Level (l – V) Syllabus (UTET – I)
Sr.SubjectsNumber Of QuestionsTotal MarksTime
1Child Development and pedagogy30302 hrs 50 mins (150 mins)
2First Language3030
3Second Language3030
5Environmental Studies3030
Upper Primary Level (Vl – Vlll) Syllabus (UTET – Il)
Sr.SubjectNumber Of QuestionsTotal MarksTime Period
1Child Development and pedagogy30302 hrs 50 mins (150 mins)
2First Language3030
3Second Language3030
4◆ For Maths/Science Teachers
◆ For Social Studies Teacher
◆ For other teachers
Note – For UTET II, ​​you have to choose between Mathematics & Science and Social Studies.

Uttarakhand TET Syllabus

Let us understand in detail how many types of questions will be asked from which topics in Uttarakhand TET Syllabus, so that you do not have any doubt in the utet syllabus and you can understand the utet syllabus well.

Child Development And Pedagogy

Questions can be asked from the following topics under Child Development –

  • Concept of development and its relation with learning
  • principles of child development
  • Gender as a social construct; Gender Roles, Gender-Discrimination and Educational Practice
  • Differentiate between learners, understanding the basis of difference
  • Influence of heredity and environment
  • Process of Socialization – Social World and Children (Teachers, Parents, Partners)
  • multi-dimensional intelligence
  • language and thought
  • The concept of child-centred and progressive education.
  • Critical perspective of intellectual construction.
  • difference between assessment for learning and assessment for learning
  • Diversity of language, caste, gender, community, religion etc.
  • Piaget, Kohlberg and Vygotsky : Construction and Critical Approaches etc.

First Language

The first language which will be the language of teaching, and in this you will have to choose any one language between Hindi and English.

English SubjectsHindi Subjects
Fill in the Blanksशब्दों के बहुवचन
Spot the Errorवर्तनी की सामान्य अशुद्धियाँ तथा शब्दों के शब्द  रूप
Synonyms/Homonymsकिसी वाक्य को अन्य लिंग में परिवर्तन
Antonymsमुहावरा व उनका अर्थ
Spellings/Detecting Mis-spelt wordsअशुद्ध वाक्यों के शुद्ध रूप
Idioms & Phrasesविलोमार्थी शब्द
One Word Substitutionसमानार्थी व पर्यायवाची शब्द
Improvement of Sentencesअनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द
Direct/Indirect Speechकहावतें व लोकोक्तियां के अर्थ
Active/Passive Voiceक्रिया से भाववाचक संज्ञा बनाना
Parajumblesसंधि विच्छेद
Cloze Passage & Reading Comprehension etc.रचना एवं रचयिता आदि.

UTET Syllabus – Second Language

In the second language, the candidate will have to select any one language in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu, which should be a different language from the first language selected.


  • Number System
  • Profit Loss
  • Average
  • Percent
  • Discount
  • Circle
  • Geometry
  • Work And Time
  • Least Common Factor And Highest Common Factor
  • Train Related Questions
  • Speed, distance and time etc.

Environmental Studies

Under Environmental Studies, the candidate should have knowledge of important topics like – Pollution, Natural Resources and Environment, Scope and Relationship of Science and Social Science, Basic Knowledge of Environmental Elements, Transport and Communication, Profession, Concept, Importance of Environmental Studies, Public Places and Institutions, Environmental Education Learning Principles, Approaches to Present Concepts, Our Culture and Civilization, Matter and Energy etc.

Uttarakhand TET Syllabus – Sanskrit

Candidates opting for Sanskrit language should have important knowledge of the components of this language, apart from this you can see the topics coming in it in the image below.

Sanskrit syllabus

Social Study

Under this, the candidates should have knowledge of main concepts of social studies, the main components of the earth, Indian civilization, culture and society, geography and resources of India, history and culture of India, Maurya and Gupta Empire and post-Gupta period, geography and resources of Uttarakhand, resources And should have knowledge related to development, Indian constitution and democracy and medieval and modern period etc.

Uttarakhand TET Syllabus 2021 Download PDF

If you want to download Uttarakhand TET Syllabus 2021 PDF then you can download it by visiting the official website, or you can also download through the link given by us above.


For how many marks this exam will be conducted?

This exam will be conducted for a total of 150 marks.

Can a candidate apply for both primary level and higher level?

Yes, candidate can apply both (Primary Level and Higher Level) form if there is qualification.

What is the total time allotted in this exam?

In this exam, you have been given a total time of 2 hours 30 minutes.

Does it have a provision for negative marking?

No, there is no provision of negative marking in this exam.

Hope you have liked the information related to Uttarakhand TET Syllabus 2021 and Uttarakhand TET Exam Pattern  given by us, visit our portal Job Alert daily for such great information.

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