Online Fraud Prevention – Here How Can You Escape From This


Today in the modern era people’s attitudes and their ways of living have changed, and today digital revolution has brought a new communication in people’s lives. Due to the Internet, now people are able to do important work like their financial needs sitting at home and in less time. In such a situation, the incidents of financial crime have also increased nowadays. In such a situation, today we will know how you can avoid online financial crime.

Online Financial Crimes & Frauds

When a criminal person steals someone’s money with the help of the Internet, it is kept in the category of online financial crime and fraud. Following are the ways to avoid this –

  • Do not reveal your credit card/debit card pincode or password to anyone
  • Do not reveal the UPI PIN of the payment app you are using like PhonePe/Google Pay etc.
  • Be careful while transferring money online
  • Do not be misled by any person calling for lottery etc.

By following the above mentioned things, you can avoid online financial fraud to a great extent.

Let us tell you that financial fraud is a serious offense under Indian law, in which there is a provision of both punishment and fine for the person caught. The Indian Parliament has enacted the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 to prevent financial crimes and take action against financial offenders.

In such a situation, under this Act of the Government of India, there is a provision of harsh punishment from three years to seven years for the person who commits a financial crime. Apart from this, fine can be imposed on the accused and his property can also be confiscated along with attachment.

Hope you liked our online financial crime and fraud prevention information.

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